We never forget the human aspect of relocation so we offer services, such as visa and immigration, to make your transferring employees feel well taken care of, before and after they settle into their new location. 

We combine our expertise and experience with empathy to streamline the process for our clients and their employees. After all, a new city – or country – can feel overwhelming. But with the right care and services, it can feel less anxious and more like home.

Language and Cultural Training

Employees signing on for an international relocation face many anxieties, but there are few quite as stressful as the inability to speak the native tongue. At CapRelo, we know the importance of getting your relocating employee quickly acclimated to their new surroundings, and we have a comprehensive selection of worldwide supply chain partners who can help them and their families get up to speed with necessary language and cross-cultural training. 

Our goal is your goal: to aid in a seamless transition that will ensure a quick return to workplace productivity. With CapRelo, you get full access to our international contacts who can help make a low-stress move a reality.

Destination Services

Relocating employees don’t just need help finding new homes. They also need help scouting suitable locations for their families to live. This is what destination services is all about — gathering information on the quality of neighborhoods, schools, parks and recreation, and even providing employee spousal support in finding work. It also includes offering area tours so that your relocating employees get a feel for their new hometown before arriving. 

At CapRelo, we’ve partnered with top service providers to cover all of these bases on your employee’s behalf so they can forget the stress and focus on the adventure that awaits.

Assignment Services

Let’s face it; global assignments can be complicated. There are taxes, cost of living adjustments (COLA), visas, immigration processes, and numerous other details that have to be managed to help make your employee’s assignment successful. We manage every aspect of each employee’s relocation so that you can focus on your core business functions. 

Just as important, utilizing our Assignment Services gives you full insight into the true costs of your relocation program, keeps you in compliance with financial regulations, and provides a better return on your investment. At CapRelo, we work with you to develop customized relocation policies based on your company’s business goals, then leverage our extensive global supply chain to meet your employee’s needs while on assignment.