Mickey Williams

Mickey Williams

Job title
EVP, Enterprise Executive Board

Mickey Williams has been with CapRelo since 2002 and served as its President & CEO for 15 years. In 2017, Mickey moved into his current position for CapRelo and its sister company, JK Moving Services. In this role, Mickey focuses on strategic planning and client advocacy for the enterprise, furthering the enterprise’s core values, culture, and vision.

For nearly three decades, Williams managed all aspects of the relocation management business in both corporate and government business sectors. He has held senior management and ownership positions for most of his career and held leadership roles in the Worldwide ERC (WERC) Real Estate Coalition and Procurement Task Force.

Well versed in federal government programs, in 1988 Williams lead the acquisition of two major, federally focused relocation companies with the resulting relocation firm being the largest in the business today. He has 24 years’ experience with federal fixed-fee programs.

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