At CapRelo, we understand the unique challenges associated with a global mobility program. Our counselors work closely with our worldwide supply chain and in-region resources to manage every aspect of the international relocation process, from initiation to repatriation.

Global markets are constantly experiencing cycles of flux and evolution, and organizations must be adaptable to these changes. Growing alongside the shifting nature of a complex business world is an essential strategy for a company’s success. Compensation, compliance, and comfort are just a few aspects that must be managed carefully to make the process of global mobility as smooth and seamless as possible.

We serve more than 50,000 destinations in 160 countries, providing our clients with in-region, time-proximate support. Our experience and depth of resources means we can provide the highest quality service to your employees, while keeping your program competitive and apprised of global trends, legislative changes, and regional considerations.

CapRelo’s transition process is professional, experienced, and fully comprehensive. Our proprietary technology sets us apart from the industry—unlike other relocation companies who use off-the-shelf solutions, we developed our technology platform in-house specifically to support our clients’ relocation needs. At the heart of our approach, however, is a team of professionals who care about you and your relocating employees. We never lose sight of the fact that relocation is about people, and so we bring the industry’s top talent to provide your organization and its employees with the highest level of customer service. Our senior leadership averages 20 years of relocation experience, and more than 91 percent of client-facing staff hold key industry certifications, including Certified Relocation Professional (CRP), Senior Certified Relocation Professional (SCRP), Global Mobility Specialist (GMS), Senior Global Mobility Specialist (SGMS) and Global Mobility Specialist/Strategic Talent Mobility (GMS-T). With this, CapRelo is uniquely qualified to support your program—now and as your company grows in the future.

  • U.S. Domestic

    As a full-service relocation management company, we keep you, your business and your employees in motion. Located in the Greater Washington, D.C. area, we keep our fingers on the pulse on any changes to the industry or regulations to ensure you get the best advice the first time.

  • International

    Finding and securing the best talent no longer means you only look in your backyard. The talent you need can be located anywhere and with many companies being more global it makes sense to have a company like CapRelo who can offer a true tri-regional approach to managing your global mobility needs.

  • U.S. Government

    CapRelo has been assisting government employees and their families in all aspects of relocation for over 20 years. Our solutions include the marketing and selling of homes, finding new homes, shipping household goods, and obtaining destination information.

What our clients are saying about CapRelo

"CapRelo, our global mobility management partner, has never lost sight that it's the people who make the relocation or assignment a success."

Client of 14 years, Director, Global Mobility TeamRetail Industry