When you work with CapRelo for your employee relocation, you know you're getting the best in relocation service providers, too, including furnished housing providers, real estate agents, household goods moving and storage companies, and more. To maintain supplier diversity, we do not form exclusive supplier relationships.

Why Suppliers Love Working with CapRelo

To be the best, we work with the best. Our independent network of supplier partners in 160 countries means we can meet your needs whenever and wherever you have transferring employees. 

And, when we say “partners,” we mean it. Strong partner relationships mean better service and a greater ROI for your program. We choose our partners carefully, vetting and continually auditing their performance, financial stability, professional ethics, and references. We do not form exclusive supplier relationships, to maintain supplier diversity.


A strong partner relationship benefits everyone: Clients meet their business goals and get better ROI, partners get greater exposure and more business, and we are able to offer continually improving service. 

We have high expectations of our partners and in return, we offer transparency and visibility so clients know who has provided the excellent service to their transferees. 

Our supply chain partners are evaluated on an ongoing basis. Those who continue to show exemplary service standards and best value pricing are selected for specific relocations based on their availability, capabilities, expertise, specific strengths, alignment with the relocating employees' needs, and when appropriate, preferences of the relocating employee. 


If you are a supplier and are interested in working with CapRelo, complete the appropriate form below and email it to: