Property Management

Employees who relocate don’t always sell their homes. Often, they’ll rent it to avoid a loss or because they plan on returning to an area. In either case, your employees could make good use of our Property Management services.

At CapRelo, we understand home sales aren’t always the right solution at the right time. For this reason, we offer a variety of Vacant/Rented Property Management Services that can be used as stand-alone options or as a bundled solution. 

Working with us, you’ll get access to our full supply chain of experienced partners who can perform a diversity of services, including: 

  • Establishing fair market rental prices to remain competitive 
  • Advertising the employee’s home for rent 
  • Screening potential renters 
  • Collecting and processing mortgage and utility payments on your employee’s behalf 
  • Maintenance management 
  • Home repair 
  • Frequent property inspection for homes that are standing vacant 

All of these services come with monthly reporting to your employee to keep them updated on the rental status and condition of their home.