Relocation Management Software: What Should You Look For?

  Having the right technology also plays a large role in a low-stress relocation.

    Many factors go into a low-stress relocation. We can't disregard the importance of having the right people in the right jobs to manage your corporate relocation, having reputable service providers that go above-and-beyond to make relocating employees feel comfortable and secure, and having a replicable system that fosters employees' faith in management.

    But having the right technology also plays a large role. What sort of relocation software solutions should your relocation management company provide?  

    • 24/7 Access - Maybe most relocating employees or HR directors don't sit up at night wondering if the movers will pack up Grandma's piano correctly or if the people who looked at the house today will make a reasonable offer. But, some do.  Well, relocation software isn't a crystal ball, so it can't reveal the answers to those questions, but what it can do is keep employees and HR managers in the loop in regard to timelines and budgets. So if the question is: “Did I remember to sign and submit that relocation agreement on time?” or “Did the mortgage company receive my paperwork?” relocation management software will provide the answer. Relocation management software that is hosted in the cloud, offering 24/7 access from anywhere with an Internet connection (including smart phones), can provide the answer at any time, day or night. Moving can be stressful and it's often a 24-hour, all-consuming proposition. It's nice to have software that can keep pace. In an article in the February 2011 issue of Mobility magazine, the publication of Worldwide ERC, CapRelo's Tamara Bianchi writes about the benefits of 24/7 access to relocation information: “We believe it comes down to providing a sense of security -- like a warm blanket or an insurance policy -- of being there when the client needs us.”
    • Ease of use - It's pointless being able to access a computer program from anywhere, at any time of day, if you don't know how to use it. Relocation management software should be easy to use, and your relocation management company should provide basic training in the common operations -- and be available to answer your questions if you'd like to learn how to get even more from the software.After all, you have enough to worry about when it comes to corporate relocations. The software should, largely, take care of itself.
    • Secure and backed up - The right relocation management software, as Bianchi writes, really does come down to a sense of security. Ask about back-ups to your important data and also ask how your data is accessed via the Internet -- does it use secure SSL encryption? To ensure security, you still need to make sure to access your data through a secure connection (not a public wireless network), but your relocation management company should do everything it can to ensure everything is secure on their end. Remote back-ups mean that even if the server that hosts your data crashes, everything can be back up and running -- giving you access to all the information you need about your move -- within hours.


    The right relocation management software helps you stay in touch with your relocation service providers and keep budgets and timelines in check. Coupled with stellar customer service and a relocation management firm who really cares about you and your employees, it's just one more rung on the ladder to a successful relocation.