About CapRelo
Learn how we can make relocation easy for you and your employees.
Low Stress Relocation Process: Policy Phase

In the Policy phase, we’ll work with you to strategically align your relocation policy so it better supports your corporate culture, maximizes your return-on-investment, meets your relocating employees' needs, results in better employee retention, and ensures a faster return to productivity.

Low Stress Relocation Process: Diagnosis Phase

Assessing your existing relocation policy and practices is the first step in our Low-Stress Relocation Process.

Low Stress Relocation Process

Our Low-Stress Relocation Process® delivers efficient, high-quality, personalized services, eliminating guesswork and frustration, whether you’re moving one employee or an entire division.

Low-Stress Relocation Process: The Refinement Phase

Refinement is about enhancing, improving and moving forward with your relocation policies and processes to precisely meet your business goals.

Low-Stress Relocation Process: The Measurement Phase

Measurement determines what steps in the relocation process worked...and how well they worked.

Low-Stress Relocation Process: The Logistics Phase

During the Logistics phase, we engage an entire supply chain of carefully selected people, facilities, suppliers, experts and systems to assure your transferee returns to productivity as quickly as possible.