Relocation Process

Our Low-Stress Relocation Process® delivers efficient, high-quality, personalized services, eliminating guesswork and frustration, whether you’re moving one employee or an entire division. As business goals and external factors change, our continuous program analysis and scalable processes aid in recruiting and retaining quality employees, while helping transferring employees maintain full productivity.


Low-Stress Relocation Process®












The Low-Stress Relocation Process minimizes surprise expenses or delays and strives to make employee relocation easy. The LSRP is designed in phases. We work with you to diagnose what works and what doesn’t in your current relocation process, formulate a relocation policy based on your company’s needs and culture, emphasize productivity standards throughout the relocation, execute the logistics of a successful relocation, measure the results, and then refine the process based on employee and executive evaluations.

Whether you need a full-service relocation management company or just need a little assistance with your relocation programs and policies, our LSRP can be tailored to fit your company needs. Why not give us a call to find out more?