The Diagnosis phase of the LSRP looks at your current company relocation policy and analyzes your strategic objectives, cost management techniques and the needs of your relocating employees.














We know that relocation can be disruptive to your employee’s productivity and the bottom line. Assessing your existing relocation policy and practices is the first step in our Low-Stress Relocation Process. 

Together we'll look at your existing relocation policies, strategic objectives, cost management, and how your policy addresses the needs of your employees. We'll find the disconnects every organization struggles with, to separate employee expectations and business needs. The Diagnosis phase identifies and solves the problems with an updated policy and then continuously refines the new policy to best serve your business and your employees. 

We've relocated tens of thousands of employees and recognize that your challenge is to relocate an employee without exceeding budget and with a return to productivity as quickly as possible. At the same time, your relocation policy has to support your business objectives and the needs of the employee and his or her family. 

Let's talk about your existing relocation program. Let's diagnose it together. CapRelo clients tell us we've helped them meet their most important business objectives and made employees’ lives easier. Our 100% client retention rate over the past six years is a result of what our customers regularly describe as “superlative service” and why they take “great comfort in the relationship.”