The true “action” phase of CapRelo's proprietary Low-Stress Relocation Process, the Logistics phase involves relocating employees where you want them with minimal disruption to their lives or work routines.














This Logistics phase is where execution and action take place – where we coordinate the complexities of actually relocating your employees. 

During the Logistics phase, we engage an entire supply chain of carefully selected people, facilities, suppliers, experts and systems to assure your transferee returns to productivity as quickly as possible. CapRelo remains your single point-of-contact for all relocation service providers, dedicated to providing you personal, customized service. 

Our goal is to exceed your expectations by anticipating and seamlessly meeting your relocation needs. Careful planning and the use of CapConnect, our web-enabled program management system, ensures every relocation consideration is managed. CapConnect identifies each step needed to deliver a low-stress relocation. It monitors the 240 steps to guarantee that your employee's relocation moves forward without a hitch. 

Other relocation firms spend almost all of their time working through the logistics of relocation, often struggling to solve problems after they have already surfaced. CapViews, coupled with our expert team of relocation counselors, puts your organization, your relocating employee and his or her family ahead of the curve.