The Policy phase of CapRelo's proprietary Low-Stress Relocation Process involves working with us to strategically align your company relocation policy.














After working with you through the first phase of the Low-Stress Relocation Process – the diagnosis of your program – we'll begin the Policy phase. 

In the Policy phase, we’ll work with you to strategically align your relocation policy so it better supports your corporate culture, maximizes your return-on-investment, meets your relocating employees' needs, results in better employee retention, and ensures a faster return to productivity. 

First, we'll review your policies to see whether they support business goals, like recruiting competitiveness, sales objectives, profit margin targets and others. By combining CapRelo's expertise with industry benchmarking, we're in a unique position to identify areas for adjustment in your current policies. 

We'll perform a gap analysis that asks:

  • "How well does your policy meet your objectives today?"
  • “What needs adjustment to better support those goals?”

After a thorough review, we'll make recommendations based on the results of our benchmarking process and “right practices” in relocation. If you don’t have an existing policy, we'll build one that is uniquely designed for your organization, no matter your size or industry.