The Productivity phase of our proprietary Low-Stress Relocation Process is all about — improving productivity across every department of your company.














Productivity…it’s the output you expect to maintain and improve by utilizing a relocation management company to manage employee relocations. Your human resources department will be free to manage their other duties more efficiently. And better communications throughout the relocation process helps transferred employees return to full productivity faster. 

The Productivity phase of our Low-Stress Relocation Process will help you improve productivity across every department of your enterprise by minimizing the time and energy required to initiate and manage employee relocations. Having relocated tens of thousands of employees since 1997, we know how to reduce stresses on your business – by controlling costs, and keeping focus on your specific business goals. Likewise, we understand the worries and emotions employees have when relocating, and we recognize the positive impact our expertise and personalized service can have on their productivity.

The proprietary technology that lets us serve you so thoroughly is CapConnect™. It's a documented statement of work – a multi-level checklist – that spells out every action we must take to meet your business goals and relocate your employees. Our relocation counselors log into CapConnect every day. It shows them your policy guidelines and the specific tasks for each of your relocating employees. 

We know the hundreds of challenges involved in relocation. Our clients think of CapRelo as a partner, an extension of their HR department. They understand how our Low-Stress Relocation Process delivers productivity that naturally happens and drops right to the bottom line.