The Refinement phase of CapRelo's proprietary Low-Stress Relocation Process takes what we learned after measuring the relocation strategies and improves the relocation process for next time.














Refinement is about enhancing, improving and moving forward with your relocation policies and processes to precisely meet your business goals. 

Perhaps your relocation involved a deployment of sales executives into different territories across the country or around the world. One of your primary business goals might have been to increase sales by a given percentage. Another, to deduct the cost of relocation from the gross margins of those increased sales...intending that you still show a profit in that first year. We'll discuss those issues with you and talk about how quickly your people became productive. How profitable was your first year? How could your relocation policy be adjusted to cut expenses while still meeting your goals and caring for your valued employees? 

Even beyond refining policy based upon specific relocation projects, we'll meet with you regularly to review the overall process. We'll speak with your HR and management team as well as your transferees. If major adjustments are needed because of changes in the business environment, we'll refine those together. 

Whatever challenges we face during the relocation process, CapRelo has the analytical tools, knowledge and connections to refine your relocation strategies for even better results next time.