Finding and securing the best talent no longer means only looking in your own backyard. The talent you need can be located anywhere around the world. International relocation and assignment management companies like CapRelo offer a true tri-regional approach to managing your global mobility needs.

Global companies often need global talent, and global mobility forms an integral part of any effective plan to meet growth and performance objectives. Moving talent in different countries not only means possibly different languages, cultures or even business etiquette, it also means possible great variances in tax and immigration laws and regulations.

CapRelo has over two decades of assisting established and emerging global companies with their global talent mobility requirements. Companies work with us because they trust us to get them quicker data and quicker answers, so they can make smart talent decisions faster.

With global mobility professionals in eight countries across three continents, CapRelo has the international relocation and assignment services your company needs, no matter where you or your talent are located. With CapRelo, you get not only a proven partner and network who can navigate anywhere on the globe, but you also have a resource who employs proven industry-thought leaders as trusted advisors who will provide you with the right information needed to make your global program a success.

International Relocation and Assignment Services Offered

  • Employee Counseling

    Communication begins with understanding your policies, procedures and culture. This is why CapRelo’s seasoned counselors will participate in the implementation of and receive comprehensive training in your requirements. This allows for our counselors to conduct an in-depth and meaningful consultation where we will analyze your needs, ensure that the counselors understand the benefits associated with the move, and that we understand your specific requirements.

  • Household Goods

    CapRelo’s household goods move management process enables your employees to focus on other responsibilities versus having to manage relocation logistics. We work with the relocating employee ensuring he/she understands all entitlements and compliance with policies. We coordinate the packing, unpacking and storage of items while also carefully monitoring and auditing service providers for charges that are within policy, approved and correct.

  • Expense Management

    Relocation expense management and accounting is a unique and specialized component of the relocation process, and CapRelo has demonstrated experience and strength in this component for over 30 years. Our fully in-sourced team can manage all expense management requirements, including reporting, payroll integration, and tax services. Our Companion™ app allows employees to submit expenses on the go!

  • Visa & Immigration Services

    CapRelo delivers visa services through a partner specializing in Global Immigration and Migration services. CapRelo coordinates all aspects of the process to ensure necessary documents are obtained, applications are submitted, and approvals are received. We track and report visa and work permit status and send automated alerts to our client.

  • Cross Cultural & Language Training

    Cultural and language education provides employees critical information about managing cultural differences as well as strategies to manage those differences to their advantage. We have programs designed for employees, spouses/partners, and families.

  • Global Compensation Administration

    We take the administrative burden of compensation collection away from your team, letting you concentrate on more strategic objectives. By combining CapRelo’s in-house compensation services with the assignment management services, we provide a holistic approach to international assignments. In addition, we can offer premier pricing by combining CapRelo’s suite of services whereas Big 4 tax firms charge hourly rates based on job level.

  • Destination Services

    Taking the worry out of moving to a new location with a destination specialist ensures your assignee is taken care of and understands any country-specific requirements. With our high quality and vetted destination services partners across the globe, we have the network in place to secure the right choice for home finding, area tours and settling-in services.

  • Assignee Management

    No matter where your assignees are moving, our seasoned assignment managers will ensure they will have a complete understanding of policies, procedures and culture of their new international destination. Our assignment managers will analyze assignee needs to ensure that each assignees knows and is comfortable with all of the steps to a successful assignment—from getting household goods across oceans to learning the right culture and language training, or coordinating visa and immigration needs, and more.

  • Tenancy Management

    CapRelo can assist the assignee with securing rental accommodations in the host location. Once the assignee selects a rental property CapRelo can arrange for the payment of the security deposit and advance rental payments, if needed. In addition, CapRelo can arrange for ongoing rent and utility payments.

  • Departure Services

    CapRelo’s departure services are designed to assist the relocating employee when departing the destination location. Our assignment managers can help your assignees with lease terminations, local authority deregistration, utility cancellation. We have the local experts in place to make your assignee’s transition back home low-stress.

  • Incident Response Services

    If your employees ever experience a natural disaster or security threat, such as political unrest, we have the professionals in place to secure their and their family’s safety. Our Incident Response service ensures we provide the information and resources needed to help your best asset remain safe.

  • Settling-In Services

    CapRelo’s settling-in services can help with things like connecting phone and utilities; helping to set up bank accounts and obtaining a driver’s license; providing information on local medical, police and emergency resources; showing how to contact embassies; giving guidance on liability insurance; arranging school tours and area orientations; and offering all the other information needed to make your assignee’s first few days in-country low stress and productive.

Global Move Management

When someone says to you, “I want to talk to you about a recent household goods shipment,” do you expect to hear good news or bad news? At CapRelo, our global network of local moving heroes is a consistent producer of great news for our corporate clients. Our Global Move Management network partners with these local heroes to ensure we have the technology and the team in place to overcome any challenges, while delivering efficient global moving services.

Our ability to choose from only the highest tier performers in the moving industry is the secret to our success. Our supply chain team has performed a painstaking market-by-market analysis of the top moving providers in over 50,000 worldwide locations. We select only those providers in each market that can meet our rigorous standards for uniformity, security, training, geographic coverage, response time, and service reputation.

It’s critical to select a provider who has quality as well as performance at the heart of their culture. That’s why at CapRelo we target providers who offer:

  • Structured training programs for their drivers and crew
  • GPS tracking of drivers and shipments
  • Paperless documentation platform
  • Virtual surveys
In-House Experts So Your Employees Can Focus On What They Do Best

When it is time for the transferee or assignee to physically relocate, CapRelo’s global move management process enables your employee to focus on other responsibilities versus having to manage logistics. We work with your employees to ensure they understand their benefits and compliance with your policies. We also carefully monitor and audit service providers for charges that are within policy, approved and correct. Our experts work with your employees to develop the best service to fit their needs. Through our supply chain, we can help them with moving household goods, cars, bikes, boats and pets as well as arranging any length of storage solutions.

  • Supplier selection and management
  • Move coordination
  • Packing, shipping, and freight forwarding
  • Valuation (insurance) services
  • Invoice auditing and quality checks
  • Reporting
  • Post-move survey and review
  • Moving service policy recommendations
Smaller Moves

Rather than making customers wait longer for their goods to arrive or making the customer pay for shipping space that they are not even using, CapRelo has implemented a program of alternatives to ensure the small moves don’t get left behind. We engage household goods providers who have invested in the right equipment and processes to provide a containerized small shipment model. By containerizing the goods right at the loading home, CapRelo maintains our “handle it once” goal of service for our clients, significantly reducing claims for loss and damage.

Transportation of the containers between cities, states, and countries is managed and tracked just as simply as your online purchases, with updates pushed to your mobile service or your email, based on personal preference.

Safety, Security and Compliance

It’s critical for your company and your employee (and family) to be safe, secure, and comply with local laws, rules, and official customs. CapRelo encrypts data, provides consulting, and regularly updates both clients and employees when unexpected events occur. Whether it’s a severe weather event, a strike, or a global political event that affects transportation, CapRelo proactively communicates with our global customer population.