CapRelo’s advanced technology solutions are at the forefront of workforce mobility, enabling seamless relocation management experiences for both employers and employees worldwide.

Our Technology Ensures Seamless Transitions

With a focus on streamlining and automating administrative tasks, our technology ensures that your relocating employees receive an unparalleled level of support, making their transitions as smooth as possible while you benefit from data analytics and insights that inform strategic decision-making and program improvements.


Revolutionizing Relocation Management

Our custom portal, Companion, is a centralized relocation management system that provides a comprehensive overview of the entire relocation process.

This sophisticated platform is designed to facilitate effective communication, detailed reporting, and real-time tracking—all the essential tools one needs to manage mobility programs with precision and confidence.

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Empower Your Workforce: Tailored Mobility at Your Fingertips

CompanionFlex represents a significant leap forward in customization and adaptability for core-flex mobility solutions. This cutting-edge portal allows for unprecedented flexibility within our Companion platform, offering employees the capability to tailor their mobility program to their individual needs while remaining within the organization’s budget.

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