Global Reach, Local Expertise

We bring a true, tri-regional service approach to ensure customers are supported around the world with expanded services and trusted partner relationships.

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Your Innovative Global Partner

With over 20 years of experience, our tenured staff uniquely positions you to achieve your business goals and care for your best asset, your employees.

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    For Companies

    With Companion™ by CapRelo, you have up-to-date reporting and real-time relocation tracking at your fingertips. Our Global Analytics Dashboard illuminates key insights that save time, reduce costs and show the positive impact of your global mobility program.

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    For Employees

    With an easy-to-use interface, Companion™ by CapRelo gives your transferees/assignees instant access to all the information they need. Keep in-file notes, get instant answers from global assignment managers and have quick access to all your relocation services.

Global Expertise to Move You Forward

Every company and every relocation is unique and that’s why you get the highest level of customer care and personal attention.

  • Pre-Assignment

    • Policy Development and Consulting
    • Assignment Letter Preparation
    • Assignee Counseling
  • Cost Estimates

    • Balance Sheets
    • Certificate of Coverage Applications and Renewals
    • Pre-Assignment Visit
    • Miscellaneous Allowance
    • Career and Family Assistance
    • Language Training
    • Cross-Cultural Training
    • Visa and Immigration Services
    • Tax Meeting Coordination
    • Home Country Lease Cancellation
  • En-Route

    • Transportation of Household Goods and Insurance
    • Home Country Storage
    • Pet Shipment
    • Loss On Sale Auto
    • Temporary Living Accommodations
    • Travel Services
    • Destination Area Services
    • Area Orientation
    • Home Finding
    • School Finding

Settling In On-Assignment

  • Ongoing Assignment Advocacy and Counseling
  • Visa Renewals
  • Expense Management
  • Global Compensation Collection and Reporting
  • Tax Equalization and Referrals for Tax Preparation Assistance


  • Tax Equalization Repayment Tracking and Coordination
  • Property Management
  • Tenancy Management
  • Furniture Replacement
  • Host Country Transportation


  • Repatriation Counseling
  • Host Country Departure Services
  • Move Management
  • Temporary Housing
  • Home Finding Services


  • Cultural Training
  • Career and Family Assistance
  • Tax Meeting Coordination
  • Pre-Departure Visit
  • Travel Expense Reimbursement
  • Tax Equalization Repayment tracking and Coordination