International companies often need diverse talent, and global mobility forms an integral part of any effective plan to meet growth and performance objectives. We offer a true tri-regional approach to managing your international corporate relocation needs. In addition, we also provide close personal attention to each international assignee. With over 20 years of experience, CapRelo employs trusted international relocation consultants that uniquely position you to achieve your business goals.

Tri-Regional Global Management

Your account team will have a single point of contact and accountability, with regional support and expertise.

Policy Development & Implementation

Our seasoned, tenured, professional staff have experience and insight into trends to ensure your program is competitive and running at maximum efficiency.

Global Move Management

Our global mobility network spans 160 countries and has been closely reviewed for safety, reliability, and performance. Our international assignment services provide comprehensive coverage for every need that may arise, combining the best of technology and expertise.

Data Security, Reporting & Accessibility

Using Companion, our proprietary, in-house platform, you can get all you need from – from unlimited reporting options to employee facing services – our secure mobility portal accessible on any mobile device from anywhere in the world, 24/7 for free.


International Relocation and Assignment Services Offered

Employee Counseling

Detailed and thoughtful consultation where individual needs are reviewed, benefits presented, and policies adhered to.

Household Goods

Carefully coordinated, strategically monitored, and attentively managed logistics. Household goods can be moved successfully with the use of our fully vetted processes.

Expense Management

Our expert team can take care of all the expense management requirements, including reporting, payroll integration, and taxes. Our innovative Companion app even allows international assignees to easily record expenses on the go!

Visa & Immigration Services

Using our specialized global immigration and migration services, you can rest assured all aspects of the processes and necessary documents, applications, and approvals are taken care of and communicated effectively.

Cross Cultural & Language Training

Experiencing new cultures can be exciting and scary all wrapped into one. Our cultural and language training programs will help your employee navigate nuances, language barriers, and unspoken differences.

Compensation Administration

We take the administrative burden of compensation collection away from your team, letting you concentrate on more strategic objectives. Create a holistic approach by combining in-house compensation with assignment management at premier pricing.

Destination Services

Take the worry out of moving to a new location with a destination specialist who ensures your assignee is taken care of and understands country-specific requirements.

Assignee Management

Our assignment managers analyze assignee needs to ensure that each assignees knows and is comfortable with all of the steps to a successful assignment.

Tenancy Management

We can help with securing rental accommodations, in addition to arranging for the payment of the security deposit and advance rental payments, if needed.

Departure Services

From soup to nuts, our experienced assignment managers can help your assignees with all of the departure services to get your employee back home or onto their next assignment.

Incident Response Services

From natural disasters, security threats or political unrest, we are here to take care of your assignee like they were our own. Mobility will always have a disruptor – have the best to help you through it..

Settling-In Services

We are here to make life a little bit easier – from connecting phones, setting up utilities, providing local resources and more.

Our team would love to connect on your needs.