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Businesses around the world are embracing hybrid solutions in their day-to-day operations, stemming from employee post-COVID feedback which indicated that the majority of employees prefer to work from home. According to the Pew Research Center, 76% of workers have continued to work form home simply because of this preference.

This raises the question: Can employees flourish in a hybrid environment the same way they do in the office? Here at CapRelo, we say “Absolutely!” A hybrid work environment offers many opportunities for employee career development and growth. In order to ensure your business maintains its success and employee retention, it is imperative that there is an equal amount of opportunities for hybrid employees.

How Hybrid Benefits Your Employees

Implementing hybrid options into your work policies can reap many benefits to employees. Aside from the acknowledgement of their wants and preferences, hybrid options provide employees with greater flexibility and can increase productivity. In fact, 42% of workers believe that flexible work schedules are essential to an organization’s success.

Beyond flexibility, the benefits of a hybrid model include:

  1. More opportunities for career-based learning: Hybrid models allow employees to take the time to pursue skills outside of their normal work environment. These skills can apply to their current position, as well as allowing them to advance to new opportunities in the company.
  2. Improved collaboration and relationships: The combination of both virtual and in-person meetings can allow for better collaboration and improve relationships. While maintaining the benefits of face-to-face communication, hybrid models also provide the flexibility to continue communication at home.
  3. Better awareness for mental health: Taking away the stress and cost of commuting for your employees can be extremely beneficial for their mental health. Additionally, being at home can help your employee meet office deadlines quicker, reducing stress in their work day.

Constructing Career Growth

Hybrid models present numerous benefits in terms of productivity and flexibility. They can also help your employees grow in their positions. With a hybrid work environment, it is essential to ensure that your employees are not only remaining productive, but that they have opportunities available to them for advancement. Providing these types of opportunities is essential in recruiting and retaining talent within your organization.

In a face-to-face environment, this is often in the deliverance of a HR training or mentorship; as hybrid gains traction in the workforce, can global mobility leaders support the same kind of career development services for their organizations employees at-home? We have provided you with a development roadmap that will take you through the different ways which hybrid employees can participate in career growth opportunities while remaining productive to the organization.

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Interested in building career growth with your hybrid policies? Don’t know where to start? CapRelo is here to support you every step of the way. As an organization that has embraced hybrid solutions into our everyday operations, we can help your business make the adjustment and make it smoothly.

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