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Employee Relocation and Mobility Policies Need Greater Flexibility

An essential element for business success is the ability for employers to find and place talent where an organization needs it, and the challenges presented by the pandemic have proven that they need to be agile and prepared. Some organizations are recognizing that need for greater flexibility in their relocation policies as almost half (43%) agree or strongly agree that relocation policies have been updated in the past 12 months to accommodate flexible working arrangements.

The free research report,¬†Creating a More Flexible Employee Mobility Experience, is now available for download.’s HR Research Institute and employee mobility expert and relocation services provider, CapRelo, conducted the study of HR professionals to investigate a range of employee relocation topics to give employers insights on how they can be prepared and more agile with optimal employee mobility policies and processes.

Further investigation highlights the findings that more than a third of HR professionals (35%) agree or strongly agree that their organizations are offering employees more personalized and tailored relocation benefits, and 33% say their relocation policies have been updated to accommodate employee wellbeing and mental health. One-third have updated relocation initiatives to facilitate greater diversity, equity and inclusion (DE&I) through greater flexibility. However, the plurality (37%) says that there has been no change in this area in the past 12 months.

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