What is the value of a dedicated, vetted supply chain?

Join the Best Supply Chain Network in Global Mobility

Dedicated and trained subject matter experts choose the right systems, approaches and partners within CapRelo’s supply chain – providing great service, transparency and value to your customers to secure the best relocation possible. This polished system allows complete control of the services required by your policy – from conception to delivery through tried and tested workflow environments that reduce errors and increase efficiency and quality of experience for your transferees.

  • Sourcing exercises that take full advantage of CapRelo’s aggregate volume to provide best-in-class value through our mutually beneficial culture with our supplier partners.
  • Full supplier vetting procedures to ensure the right partners are providing the correct service assortment and quality.
  • Service Level Agreements (SLAs) that formalize expected deliverables, sale support and delivery, and establish the right networks domestically and across the globe.
Partnerships with

Financial strength, reliability, and supplier diversity

Reducing risk by verifying suppliers’ financial security ensures stability and continued system service, and is one of the most important roles of any supply chain organization. Working closely with client partners, we establish and manage DEI sourcing and implementation standards to maximize social and commercial impacts to our business units. This inclusive supply chain strategy widens the pool of potential suppliers and promotes competition in the supply base, which improves product quality and drives down costs.

  • The extra attention to detail and care is what you get with our team at CapRelo and vendor partner Preferred Corporate Housing.

  • The CapRelo and JK Moving Services team makes moves happen!

  • We love our partners like @BHHSRealEstate who make relocations a positive experience for our clients.

  • Partners like @ColonialBanking share similar values, professionalism and service.

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