Agility and integration are important for measuring the ROI of any global mobility program. Companion By CapRelo Integration Services open API integrates with any HRIS or HCM system and provides synchronous data interchange to support service delivery.

CapRelo has no limitations concerning our integration capabilities. Our fully integrated solution includes initiations and data transfers, removing the manual effort involved with online ordering and manual data loads between systems. We regularly interface with client platforms of all types, including any HRIS or HCM system. With an understanding of your scope and system requirements, we can quickly determine the level of integration best suited to meet your needs.

Technology and integration are important for measuring the ROI of any global mobility program. With Companion’s open platform, integration will provide real-time access to relocation information and reporting. Since the data in our system will mirror information stored in the client system, this will minimize manual data entry and the opportunity for errors. In addition, integration will open the flow of information and tracking of business objectives allowing enhanced strategic contributions to business outcomes.

Successfully integrating with our clients is essential for effective relocation partnerships, and quick access to data is a CapRelo specialty: one of our competitive differences is our efficient approach to mobility. You will get quicker data, response times, and answers, allowing you to make smart talent decisions faster when you partner with CapRelo. Our clients champion our less bureaucratic organizational structure, streamlined internal workflows for maximum efficiency, and our simplified reporting system so you can get data analytics as quickly as you require.

Companion By CapRelo provides client representatives and transferees/assignees web-based access to relocation data from any location, allowing for up-to-date reports, real-time data and the ability to track the progress of any current, scheduled or completed relocation. It allows clients to keep in-file notes, send and reply to counselor notes, as well as pull historical data for year-to-year and month-to-month comparisons. Our internal systems also assist our own professionals, enabling a streamlined mobility process and ensuring accuracy of benefits, process and policy.