CapRelo’s information security framework, based on ISO-27001, NIST-800 and Privacy Shield/GDPR, embodies an internationally accepted suite of relocation policy best-practice information security controls. Strict security and process protocols drive the handling and protection of all sensitive information at the CapRelo site (including any information stored, processed, or transmitted using Companion) as well as the secure management, operation, maintenance, programming, and system administration of computer systems, networks, and telecommunications systems. These security standards are audited against best-practice benchmarks to continually improve our security posture as new threats evolve and enter the landscape.

With digital technology at the forefront of our service delivery model, special care is taken to ensure your corporate and employees’ information is protected. All CapRelo systems are housed in secure, geographically diverse co-located data centers. To ensure the privacy of each client session, all communications between clients and the system is encrypted using TLS and AES encryption.

In addition to encrypted communications, our systems are designed and maintained so that your information is accessible only to those parties you specify or those individuals within CapRelo, identified to your team, as needing access to provide contracted services. In all cases, the level of data availability strictly conforms to the level required to perform assigned duties. This role-based security is definable to the field level so that access security can be tailored to your security requirements.