It’s no secret that in most companies, mobility program directors are under pressure to save time and reduce costs of relocation. As the mobile workforce becomes increasingly international in scope, program managers require predictive data analytics to ensure goals are met. Accordingly, global mobility programs are operating in an ever more complex and data-driven environment. Enter CapRelo Global Analytics Dashboard, a set of data analytics tools and metrics that measure, visualize and enhance the administration of international assignments. By examining the metrics from thousands of mobility programs and over half a million transactions, our dashboard is engineered to illuminate key insights that save time and reduce costs, as well as significantly enhance the performance and impact of your global mobility program.

The CapRelo Global Analytics Dashboard is designed to give you complete control and visibility over your mobility program. Backed by a library of configurable analytics widgets, relocation professionals can design a custom dashboard experience that grows with your program, making any information you need ready to access in one simple location. From knowing how much your program is forecast to save to real-time program spend versus budget and quality scores, the mobility analytics dashboard has everything program administrators need to drill into game-changing specifics. Moreover, as with everything we do, it is customized to your program specifics.

While global mobility technology continues to advance at an increasing rate, CapRelo Global Analytics Dashboard is the complete solution that gives you the time to understand how predictive analytics can be used to better deliver you mobility program, resulting in lowered costs, increased efficiencies and higher productivity, all while reducing risk.