CapRelo has a proven, vetted and high-performing global supply chain of more than 3,000 suppliers across the U.S. and in more than 160 countries.

We assemble the best suppliers and manage them actively through performance-based metrics established by specific SLAs. Brokers, rental agents, household goods movers, international freight-forwarders, and language and cultural trainers. CapRelo offers a comprehensive suite of the industry’s top experts, and we manage them to stringent metrics and performance standards.

All supplier partners are selected via a competitive bid process, followed by careful due diligence to verify credentials and service performance. Unlike competitors, CapRelo has no vested interest in using specific suppliers or facilities—we work on behalf of our client to find the best suppliers who are also a good cultural fit with your needs and program. CapRelo selects suppliers objectively based on criteria specific for each function or service. Examples include financial stability, system protocols, training excellence, key performance indicator tracking, quality measures, and after-hours support.

CapRelo’s global supply chain team manages suppliers through Companion by CapRelo, where we can track performance in a variety of ways including by supplier, category, client, business unit and/or region. In addition, a yearly formal review is conducted. Supplier performance is also evaluated by relocating employees, and we use this important feedback in training sessions and our ongoing performance review process.

CapRelo applies a strategic approach in supplier development to achieve the best possible prices without compromising service. We use regular benchmarking of the pricing and services offered by our current and prospective suppliers, as well as continuous data gathering, to verify our costs are as low as possible without jeopardizing service. If any opportunities are identified, we then pass the savings on to our clients. In addition, consolidating purchase requirements and agreements with preferred suppliers maximizes our leverage to negotiate rates.

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