We manage thousands of global suppliers throughout EMEA, APAC, and the Americas, and offer in-region and time-proximate support through experienced CapRelo staff located in eight countries on three continents.

Our depth of resources allows for total program management. We offer home or host models, single- or multi-regional programs, and a full suite of international services for our diverse array of clients. Our international services include visa and immigration, destination services, international freight forwarding, temporary living, home finding, property management, travel services, departure services, international banking, language and cultural training, school search, spousal career support, settling in, and lease negotiation, as well as global compensation administration (performed by an in-house compensation team). We are able to leverage our vast network of on-the-ground experts and local supply chains, while our single-point-of-care approach keeps things simple for you and your employees.

CapRelo also gives you the best in consistent international program management. Our global organization makes use of one proprietary management system that is fully compliant with international data privacy law. This global system brings together all suppliers, team members, and communication for maximum efficiency and convenience. We can track the status of relocations and provide around-the-clock support. Across the world, CapRelo holds all personnel and partners to the same quality metrics, training, corporate values, and service expectations—from San Francisco to Seoul, Flagstaff to Frankfurt.

The CapRelo commitment is to be there for you everywhere and anywhere you need us. We combine technology, experienced team members, and carefully vetted suppliers for end-to-end service and support. And our success has allowed us to continue expanding our operations so we’re always ahead of the curve, covering the global marketplace from the most remote regions to the world’s busiest cities. From short-term stays to long-term assignments, cross-border moves or intra-country management, CapRelo is here for you.

CapRelo Global Footprint