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Embracing Employee & Community Wellness

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According to Forbes, happy and healthy employees are up to 20% more productive than unhappy employees, and when it comes to salespeople, happiness has an even greater impact, raising sales by 37%. At CapRelo, we’re not only devoted to providing the best customer service to our clients, but we also commit to doing right by our team.

Over the years, we’ve learned the importance of employee well-being, including that of our communities. Hosting on-site and off-site wellness and outreach initiatives inspires employees to make healthier decisions in their own lives. We prioritize making sure folks take a few minutes to think about themselves through health and wellness programs throughout the year. A strategic Annual Wellness Planning Calendar can engage employees and provide communication and information about upcoming events and resources available to them and their family members.

Employee Wellness Programs

Employee health and wellbeing is best approached with a hands-on strategy. It is important that your employees’ care is reflected in the services and resources you provide. Whether it be through your benefits program, or an additional list of ancillary services, employee and community wellness must be at the foreground of your duty of care. Here, we have laid out some ideas that could be integrated to elevate your community and employee wellness programs:

  1. Conduct Regular Mindfulness Exercises: Ensuring the behavioral and emotional health of your staff is imperative for productivity, relocations, and successful business alike. Whether it be meditation, minutes of silence, or allowing your employees to explore mindfulness on their own, it is important that they are given the space and avenues to do so. Providing that space can not only increase your employees’ overall wellbeing – but it is also proven to increase their productivity and cultivate a better frame of mind within the work environment.
  • Encourage Breaks: Breaks are an essential part of any employee’s day. It is easy to skip a break. Whether it be an outstanding workload or an interpretation of policy, it is essential that your employees are not simply offered breaks yet encouraged to take them. Allowing your employee to unplug for a break can improve workplace relationships and allow them to focus on mindfulness as needed.
  • Raise Morale: Frame of mind is everything in the workplace. A positive, immersive, and fun workplace is only established if someone establishes it. For HR managers especially, it is part of your responsibility to ensure that you are creating a workplace that encourages growth and wellbeing. Hosting and sponsoring work events, inviting guest speakers, and incorporating workplace traditions are a few examples for elevating morale.
  • Provide Access to Preventive Health and Behavioral Programs Early: Resources for employee wellness should be communicated loud and often from the start of implementation. Whatever the resources may be, it is important that any preventive health and behavioral programs are accessible, up to date, and effective. A great Employee Assistance Program (EAP) can be a valuable partnership for HR professionals and the employees they support.
  • Communicate New Efforts Regularly: As with any policy, your employee and community wellness programs should be ever evolving, continually updated, and expanded. Having a robust community and employee wellness program can address employees and community needs collectively.

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Putting an emphasis on our employees’ wellness leads to a happier work environment and, ultimately, a more successful company. At CapRelo, we are proud to have a culture which puts our employees first. For more information on how CapRelo can help improve our community and employee wellness programs, talk to one of our professionals today.

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