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8 Benefits of Outsourcing Your Relocation Program

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Is your company considering a Relocation Management Company (RMC) but still uncertain about outsourcing? Relocation Management Companies play a crucial role in streamlining both local and international relocations for employees. These services provide comprehensive support and assistance throughout the entire transition, including handling administrative tasks such as tracking and coordination of visa renewals and tax equalization payments and collections. By outsourcing these responsibilities, HR managers can focus on addressing their employees’ other needs. If you’re still on the fence about outsourcing relocation services, below are the top benefits that come with this decision.

1. Cost Management

Partnering with a Relocation Management Company can greatly benefit companies in terms of cost management. RMCs establish strong relationships with suppliers, allowing them to negotiate favorable rates and secure cost-saving opportunities for their clients. By leveraging these relationships, companies can access the best possible savings on various relocation-related expenses, such as housing, transportation, and other services. This not only reduces costs but also ensures that employees receive quality services and accommodations within budgetary constraints.

In addition, RMCs provide transparent cost structures that outline how funds are being allocated throughout the relocation process. This level of transparency enables companies to have a clear understanding of how their money is being spent and identify areas where cost-cutting measures can be implemented without compromising the quality of support provided to employees.

2. Expertise

Collaborating with experienced and knowledgeable relocation professionals provides companies with access to top expertise in various areas. Relocation professionals possess expertise in the complex relocation process including the logistics between locations and the employer. They provide your employees a helpful experience during a very busy time for themselves and their families. They provide front-line support, guiding employees through the entire relocation journey and addressing any concerns or challenges they may encounter. Their years of experience mean they have seen most situations and are prepared to offer solutions which have worked in similar cases.

3. Tailored Approach

Relocation Management Companies work closely with companies to design policies that align with their specific needs and objectives, helping to create a tailored approach to their relocation strategies. A tailored approach enables companies to address the diverse requirements of their workforce, enhance employee satisfaction, and optimize resource allocation.

Companies may offer a tiered approach, providing employees with options that suit their circumstances. Factors such as employee tenure can influence the benefits offered, with longer-tenured employees often receiving enhanced benefits compared to newer employees. Additionally, some companies adopt an à la carte approach, allowing employees to choose specific benefits from a range of options. This personalized approach ensures that relocation packages are customized to meet the unique preferences and priorities of each employee.

4. Access to Resources

Relocation Management Companies provide valuable access to a wide range of resources for a seamless relocation experience. RMCs collaborate with trusted and well-known suppliers, ensuring high-quality services for employees. By managing these suppliers on behalf of the company, RMCs take the burden off HR professionals, allowing them to focus on other critical tasks.

Access to resources through RMCs also translates into more options and flexibility for employees. From housing options to transportation arrangements, employees can benefit from a diverse range of choices tailored to their specific needs and preferences. This flexibility contributes to a positive relocation experience and enables employees to settle into their new environment more comfortably.

5. Enhanced Technology

Many Relocation Management Companies offer proprietary solutions that benefit employees and also enhance the relocation process for the company, or employer, relocating the employee. Benefits for the employee include relocation checklists, online expense reporting, access to resources such as a global resource center, and the ability to review documentation related to the move.

By leveraging cutting-edge technology, these services provide valuable insights that help improve various aspects of relocation policies that also help the employer. Benefits for the business or employer working with the Relocation Management Company include online authorizations and reporting. For instance, advanced analytics can provide valuable data on the benefits employees utilize and the relocation status of each employee. This information enables companies to make informed decisions and optimize their relocation policies to better cater to employee needs.

6. Employee Support

If you’ve ever had a poor time dealing with a moving company or a travel agent, then you know that customer support is everything — and Relocation Management Companies are no different.

From the initial pre-assignment visit to the final settling into new accommodations, these companies ensure a smooth transition for employees. Some relocation companies go beyond logistics and offer additional services, such as language training to facilitate cultural integration and enhance communication skills. By setting up suitable living situations and accommodations, RMCs prioritize the well-being and comfort of employees in their new environment. Their focus is on ensuring that employees have a positive experience throughout the entire relocation process. Some Relocation Management Companies also request employee feedback through surveys and use it as a valuable tool to continuously improve their services, enhancing overall employee support and satisfaction.

7. Global Reach

Engaging an Relocation Management Company can greatly assist companies in achieving global reach. These companies often possess a well-established global infrastructure, making them an ideal choice for companies relocating employees worldwide. With their extensive network and resources, Relocation Management Companies can efficiently navigate the intricacies of housing, shipping and immigration in the host country. Additionally, their deep understanding of local cultures and customs and global presence enables them to provide valuable insights and guidance to employees during their international transition with support during employees’ normal work hours.

8. Improved Communications

Utilizing an Relocation Management Company brings significant benefits to communication processes. Instead of managing multiple points of contact, you can interact with a single representative who oversees the entire relocation process. This not only simplifies communication for HR professionals but also reduces frustration for the employee being relocated. Having a single point of coordination ensures a more efficient and cohesive flow of information, minimizing the chances of miscommunication and enhancing overall coordination.

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