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CapRelo Tops List for Quality of Service in HRO Today’s 2021 Baker’s Dozen Award

STERLING, Va. (March 17, 2021) — CapRelo, a global employee relocation and assignment management firm serving private and public sector clients, was recognized as Best for Quality of Service for the second year in a row in HRO Today’s 2021 Baker’s Dozen Awards.

“We are excited that customers have voted CapRelo as best for quality of service in the Baker’s Dozen award. This is a coveted honor in the global mobility management industry, and we value and appreciate the feedback,” said Barry Morris, President and CEO, CapRelo. “We are committed to making relocating as easy and stress free as possibly for our clients and their employees.  This award affirms that we are succeeding at providing them an outstanding product.”

CapRelo is a full-service corporate relocation company that manages over 10,000 worldwide relocations and assignments annually for major companies. As a trusted, agile, and proactive relocation services partner, CapRelo focuses on strengthening global mobility programs, containing costs, and serving clients and their employees. The company has made the Baker’s Dozen list for the past five years—each time among the top five for Best Relocation Company and the second time as Best for Quality of Service.

“COVID challenged the global mobility industry in ways we never could have imagined. Despite this, the industry learned, innovated, and helped clients manage and plan for relocations.  Our survey revealed which companies continued to excel at serving customers during this difficult period,” explained HRO Today CEO Elliot Clark. “CapRelo again secured the top spot for its quality of its service. Kudos to the CapRelo team.”

For the past 12 years, HRO Today, a media outlet that reaches more than 180,000 senior-level human resources decision-makers, has been ranking the top 13 providers in the industry by conducting surveys to determine its annual Baker’s Dozen Awards.  These are based on customer satisfaction ratings determined by feedback from buyers of the rated services. Once collected, response data for all providers with a statistically significant sample size are loaded into the HRO Today database for analysis.

From this data, HRO Today analyzed results across three subcategories: service breadth, deal sizes, and quality of service. Using a predetermined algorithm that weighs questions and categories based on importance, the organization calculated scores for the Baker’s Dozen Awards in all three subcategories as well as an overall score.

The term baker’s dozen dates back to medieval England when bakers could be subject to various punishments if they sold bread for more than what it was worth. To protect themselves and provide quality service, bakers would throw in an extra loaf of bread when selling a dozen to avoid coming up short.

About CapRelo

CapRelo is a global mobility management company that delivers best-in-class relocation and assignment services on a global platform, handling 10,000 assignments annually. Launched in 1997, the company has over 24 years of experience as a relocation management company and has service locations throughout the Americas, EMEA, and Asia Pacific.

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