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Top Blogs of 2021

Flipping of wooden block for change from 2021 to 2022

2021 has been an interesting year that kept us on our toes as we navigated pandemic-related challenges. As it draws to a close, we are reflecting on our experiences by compiling a list of our top blogs of the year. We hope these posts have been interesting, educational and enriching. If you’ve missed any of our posts, now is a great time to catch up before we hit the new year!

4 Trends Impacting Global Mobility in 2021

With the world finally starting to open back up, read about the impact this is having on HR/mobility teams.

The Great Resignation: An Analysis of Job Tenure Over the Years

Are people leaving their jobs more than they used to? Which employee demographic is most at risk? See what trends emerged from our research.

The Post-Pandemic Work From Home Survey

We surveyed over 1,100 people to get the facts on the relationship between relocating and working from home after COVID. See what we found!

Sustainability in Global Mobility

As sustainability becomes increasingly important, learn how companies can improve their ESG to attract investors, clients and top talent.

What is a Certified Relocation Professional

The Certified Relocation Professional, or CRP® designation, is a highly-regarded, competency-based program for the talent mobility industry. Read why it may be important for you.