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6 Challenges When Relocating Multiple Employees

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Growing Pains

As your company grows, the number of relocation assignments may increase. At times, you may even be tasked with relocating multiple employees at once. This creates unique and pressing challenges that need to be considered carefully.

As a relocation manager, your responsibility is both to your assignee and to achieve a successful relocation overall. When juggling multiple relocation assignments at once, the risks increase and range from overlooking important details to a costly lack of organization. Here are the six challenges you may face with multiple relocations:

  1. Cost Control: For any sustainable relocation policy, it is essential that it controls moving costs. Some cost control challenges can be employee exception requests, though additional costs can arise when there is a lack of response or execution method in the policy.
  2. Enumeration and Tax Concerns: In order for assignees to live comfortably, they must be given the necessary resources and funds to maintain their surrounding cost of living. Providing a substantial base salary, as well as guiding your assignee through their new tax expectations, is key.
  3. Compliance: Similar to tax, you should walk your assignee through the laws and regulations of their new location. Having a one-size-fits-all relocation plan may not be appropriate for multiple relocations. Be prepared for the adjustments your policy and your assignee need to make. For more information on compliance, take a look through our article about compliance in the newly automated world.
  4. Settling In: Of the many components that make a relocation successful, 68 percent of businesses say that family support offers the best return on investment—career counseling for spouses/partners, school searches for kids, and language and culture training for the whole family.
  5. Senior-level involvement: The average relocation can cost as much as $100,000 per employee, so we recommend senior management involvement in large-scale relocations. Senior-level leaders can weigh in on strategic issues and make adjustments as needed.

Your Trusted Relocation Partner

Relocating one employee can be complex enough. But, relocating a whole team or office is another task in and of itself. CapRelo can help make it easy. Our tenured professionals will follow you through every step of the relocation process for everyone involved. With over 25 years of experience, we provide expert service and advice from the start of your employees’ relocation to finish. For more information, contact one of our service professionals today.

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