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2021 Partner Blog Roundup

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Throughout the unprecedented challenges of 2021, we were grateful for the support of our network of fully-vetted, trusted partners. Not only are they excellent relocation management partners, but they are also thought leaders. We’ve rounded up nine partner blogs from 2021 that you won’t want to miss.

Partner Perspectives: US Rental Trends for 2021

The COVID pandemic disrupted businesses, the economy, everyday lives and more, including the rental market. What can we expect in 2021?

-PorchLight Rental & Destination Services

Partner Perspectives: The State of the Corporate Housing Industry in 2021 and Beyond

The corporate housing industry has changed dramatically in the past 30-60 days. See challenges the industry is facing.

-Nomad Temporary Housing

Partner Perspectives: Preparing for a Move? How to Choose the Right Household Goods Mover

Read about three important factors to consider in preparing for a move: your service needs, your budget and your risk tolerance.

-JK Moving Services

Partner Perspectives: Adapting to the post-COVID ‘Normal’: Lessons from Intercultural and Repatriation Training

The post-COVID normal may be challenging, but tools from intercultural and repatriation training can help you adapt to your new routine.

-IOR Global Services

Partner Perspectives: The Future of Sustainability – Global Mobility and Corporate Housing

There are many fluctuating factors when looking at corporate housing options in attempting an eco-conscious relocation. Accommodation is one.

-Oasis Corporate Housing

Partner Perspectives: 5 Small Steps to Prevent Big Setbacks During a Pet Move

Ensure transferees know the steps to take (and when) to ensure every family member, both two- and four-legged, has a move plan that works.


Partner Perspectives: This Is a Great Time to Be a Seller! But What if You Need to Buy?

There’s no doubt it’s a seller’s market right now. Here’s a few tips to help relocating employees prepare to snag a home in today’s market.

-Colonial Savings, F.A.

Partner Perspectives: Emerging Trends in Immigration and Global Mobility

Envoy Global surveyed 500 employers about impacts to corporate travel and employment-based immigration, and their expectations for mobility.

-Envoy Global

Partner Perspectives: Walking the Tightrope of Posted Worker Compliance

A big challenge for most companies is to understand which part of their traveling population falls into the scope of PW obligations. We hope that the following background information and answers to frequently asked questions help your understanding of who falls within the scope of the obligations.

-Newland Chase